Donate crypto for kids

We created the SAVE KIDS token to give each kid chance for a better life, even if we are talking about health, wealth or education. Join us and be part of this important mission!

Follow the steps in this tutorial to buy SAKI token from Pancake Swap.

Go to Pancake Swap. Choose how much BNB you want to swap for SAKI token.

In your MetaMask or Trust Wallet add a custom coin with these details:

🟡 Network: Smart Chain

🟡 Contract address: 0x7584f09eE7caB3098397E13C58670AFCE82F3217

🟡 Symbol: SAKI
🟡 Decimals: 9
To learn how to add a custom coin watch this tutorials:

Note: The tokens will be visible in your wallet once the presale ends. Before the presale end you can check your reserved tokens at the link of the presale.


SAKi Ecosystem


Distribution of fees:

- 3% of all transactions are distributed to holders. Watch your wallet climb the minute you begin holding.
– 7% -burn forever, real deflationary token


Liquidity is locked in for 1 YEAR

PUMP & DUMP safely

By limiting the transaction balance at 0.5% per Transaction.


Team development and charity wallets are locked for a month, an individual team wallet has only 0.7%.

No risk of leaving the team

The team's wallet for marketing and development is secured by a multi-signature wallet. Meaning that no one can access the wallet alone, the keys are shared between several members and must be used at the same time


Phase 1 ✅

Verified BscScan contract

Successful DxSale presale

Liquidity pool lock

Development & charity wallets lock

PancakeSwap listing

Website launch

Social media pages

CoinHunt listing

Phase 2

BSC logo

CoinSniper listing

1200 holders

CoinGecko listing

2000 Telegram members
Strong marketing campaign

CoinMarketCap listing

Phase 3

Start donations from charity wallet

10000 holders

Website redesign

Strong marketing campaign

15000 Telegram members

CEX listings

Phase 4

More charity organizations

Hire more developers

Influencers’ marketing

NFT market & NFT for KIDS

Staking and farming

More CEX listings

Mobile app

We build a financial project that will remunerate investors but at the same time help children in need.

About Charity :
We allocated 10% of the supply to the charity wallet from the beginning. When that supply gets a consistent value, the team will announce the community that we are going to convert the SAKI token into BNB for donation.
The conversion will be done gradually and in small installments so we don't influence the SAKI value.
Each charity will be posted on the site, in addition to the intended wallet, people will be able to make direct donations to associations / cases in need, both in cryptocurrencies and fiat.
Charity token | SAVE KIDS

SAKI TOKEN and you will receive passive income


kids in NEED to help

Group 11


Group 10
Let's build a better future

The crypto world does not have to be about money but about humanity

Do you need more information?
No problem! Ask us anything

You can donate as much as you want, you can donate in the wallet provided by the team or you can donate directly to collaborators or exposed cases.

Any help is welcome. Both to promote the project and to identify cases of children in need. we embrace any idea that helps children.

We are not a non-profit association, but we will collaborate with such organizations

There are several mechanisms, partnerships with charities and cases of force majeure. We would not want to be put in a position to choose, but together with the community we will surely find solutions to help everyone.

If we do an individual charity action and not through charities, you can donate directly to that case. If they need assistance and we create new crypto wallet dedicated to the case, all transactions will be public, like any other charitable transaction, everything is public.

The fee function distributed directly in the charity wallet could not be tested. We didn’t want to implement anything that wasn’t tested and we made sure there were no errors.

The project can have many functions in the future, we have already put a few on the sheet. As an example, if we had to make a V2 SAKI TOKEN, we would need to migrate that liquidity.

We will make requests for listing on CEXs when we are ready, we have a lot of work to grow this project and we want to be very well consolidated when we list. If we are approached by CEXs, we will obviously analyze.
If you are not prepared and you make a request, the fees are very high, if your project is already consolidated, the negotiations are held differently.



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